What is Advantech about

As Advantech, we create our environment based on honesty, innovation and valuable co-creation. We want to build a happy and open community where IoT is the future. We aim to become a world leader while growing together. That could only start with an enjoyable working environment for our colleagues.

What are our core values?

Aim to become the world’s leading brand and deliver outstanding products
We are honest with each other and base our relationships on integrity and accountability
Open and healthy environment where you can develop your skills and reach full potential
Encourage innovation, valuable co-creation, and healthy competition within Advantech
Bring positive benefits to the world with our events, programs, and sustainable initiatives
Build a happy, welcoming and growing community for all Advantechers

Advantech is welcoming since the start, besides being fun the team is multicultural which contributes to a very nice working environment.

– Lygia Muzzio