Meet Advantech

For the last 35 years, Advantech has been developing technology to enable an intelligent planet. From life-saving medical equipment to movie projectors providing your Saturday entertainment, there are Advantech computers all around you.These products range from industrial computers with the processing power for artificial intelligence, displays that meet the medical requirements for surgical rooms or communications products that connect devices across a factory floor.

We’re working with our customers wherever our equipment ends up. Sometimes that means we’re selling standard products to clients creating consistently reliable solutions. Other times, we’re developing a truly unique product together with our clients.

All this requires an extensive ecosystem of Advantech staff, partners, system integrators and consultants to provide complete solutions to complex computing and communications challenges. We believe in the power of co-creation. Together we go far!

“Advantech’s mission is to create an intelligent planet.
This starts today in Europe!”

Jash Bansidhar – Managing Director Advantech Europe

Employee voices

At Advantech, you can be yourself! We believe that our people are more than just employees, we see the person behind the professional. Meet some of our colleagues, members of the Advantech family.

Do what you love most! Working in Advantech’s good and cooperative environment makes you able to develop yourself!

- Anaïs Garnier - eSales Specialist

Working in an international company and yet feels like family – that makes Advantech special!

- Marion Sprenger - Sales Coordinator

Advantech’s atmosphere is unique. You will feel like family. With such a team, you can really climb mountains

- Greg Piwowar - Teamleader Digital Marketing

Advantech is the perfect place to enhance my technology with complete independence and has been for more than 5 years.

- Frank Verhoeven - Project manager

Working at Advantech means being dynamic, learning new skills and belonging to a group with a great work environment

- Rachel Wang - Customer Order Fulfillment Specialist

Driving and co-developing the latest technologies in Industrial IoT, you can only do this at Advantech!

- Anis Aroua - Manager Technical Account Service

My colleagues, the responsibilities and freedom I have in my position make me look forward to go to work every day

- Eric Geukes - Quality Manager Europe

Delivering high quality products that have positive effects on health is what makes me proud of working at Advantech

- Anissa Kirati - Channel Manager

Why Advantech

Working at Advantech is more than a job. You become part of a global family of professionals. Everyone is working on obtaining the same goal: enabling an intelligent planet!

Advantech in short:

  • 8500 colleagues worldwide, 550 in Europe
  • Very international environment with colleagues from 33 nationalities
  • 15 European offices in 10 countries
  • State of the art technology in a wide variety of industries
  • Career development possibilities
  • Do you want to know more about working at Advantech? Visit Glassdoor and see what our colleagues have to say!

Corporate Mission and Taiwanese mother organization.

Advantech’s mission “enabling an intelligent planet” has been at the center of our organization for many years. We believe Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change our society for the better. Advantech’s products and solutions create smart industry, healthcare and cities. Due to co-creation with our peripheral partners, the development of new applications grows rapidly.

Founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan, Advantech has grown out to be one of the major global players in industrial computers and embedded computing. Advantech Europe is a proud part of our global mother company. As European organization with European management, we are conquering and holding the European market!

Delivering high quality products that have positive effects on health is what makes me proud of working at Advantech

– Anissa Kirati

Delivering high quality products that have positive effects on health is what makes me proud of working at Advantech

– Anissa Kirati