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Work. Michal‘s way

Warehouse Specialist at Advantech in the Netherlands

“I have a great relationship with my coworkers. We talk a lot; we laugh a lot. We care about each other a lot. “

I am Michal, I am 32 years old, and I come from Poland. I came to the Netherlands over 6 years ago seeking for new challenges. I have been working at Advantech since January 2023. I work at the warehouse department as a Warehouse Specialist.

I have heard about Advantech from a friend of mine. When I saw the advertisement on the internet, I thought to myself “Why not? Let’s give it a try!”. After I applied, I was quickly invited to come in for an interview. It’s hard to say what I enjoy most within my work, because I enjoy doing my job in general. I have a very kind team; we communicate in a good way and that’s also what I like about my job.

What does a Warehouse Specialist at Advantech do? Whenever we receive pallets, we have to split boxes with products and components and then put them away on stock on specific locations. Picking and organizing as well as preparing and packing orders for clients is part of the role. Soon I’d like to extend my knowledge and grow within the company and I’d like to try the Expedition Specialist role where I would have contact with clients.

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When it comes to developing things in the warehouse, I would say that we’re busy with making our processes smoother and easier. It’s mostly about smaller changes to make our work easier and more efficient. But also, to prevent small mistakes that are easily made. In the warehouse we have a special department where we handle small items like processors and licenses, those are quite expensive. It requires quite a focus to count these items and mistakes are easily made in the process. Therefore, we focus on finding solutions to prevent such mistakes.


I have a great relationship with my coworkers. We talk a lot; we laugh a lot. We care about each other a lot. The company organizes different types of events quite often. I also take part in company events like the Christmas event, for example. It’s fun to do so and build great relations between each of us! There are also many different cultures around here and you can learn so much from all these cultures. What I value most is the friendships I’ve built so far.


I have gained so much knowledge and experience about our system by working in the warehouse. Also about ERP applications as well. With the help of the company I have earned important and useful licenses required for working in the warehouse. I’m also following Dutch classes that are provided through Advantech to help learn the language. Personal development is being stimulated by our management. I am able to share my visions for my growth with my manager and team leaders and together we figure out a development plan.

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