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Work. Rosé‘s way

Corporate Management & Development Director at Advantech in the Netherlands

“My role is mainly to ensure that people can use their knowledge and skills to the fullest with pleasure.“

My name is Rosé and I am Corporate Management & Development Director at Advantech. With my background as a director, interim manager and organizational consultant in all kinds of companies, I understand what it takes to grow companies. And that is exactly what we do at Advantech in Europe.

To make that growth possible, we must identify opportunities in a timely manner and our support functions must be able to accommodate that growth. My teams and I ensure that we organize our organization in such a way that we can do this. A new and very nice role that suits me exactly!

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We have a great ambition and that requires us to bind and fascinate people. I would like to develop thinking from the employee journey. Of course, we can develop anything for the company. But if we don’t develop our people, we won’t progress. They are the growth of our organization.

A second challenge is connecting. I am really a connector between people and departments, but also between our head office in Taiwan and the branches in Europe. Look for what unites you, not what divides you. I try to convey that. Thanks to my broad experience with this in other companies, I hope to be able to contribute to the healthy and energetic growth of the company and its people within Advantech!”


I think my colleagues at Advantech are very nice people, a sparkling mix of people who have a lot of heart. Some have been here for a long time, some for a shorter time. It is about finding the best mix of both and challenge the thinking sometimes by putting in new ideas. The atmosphere in the workplace is very informal, people feel familiar and comfortable to be who they are. And everyone gets along well. Everyone is really connected.


There is a lot of room to develop yourself within Advantech. Since I work on improving processes every day, I have enough challenges. Not only fixing issues but putting structures in place to fix for the future. How can we be more robust and agile at the same time? Personal development is also greatly encouraged within our organization. You are the owner of your development but my goal is to organize and facilitate this as best as possible for all our employees.


My role involves a lot of organizational innovation. It is what I do. Sometimes there is ground breaking, intense innovation, sometimes it is small and precise or very innovative. Don’t be mistaken: the small innovations can be the best and most appreciated by the people. It does not always need to be big steps. A lot of small steps can make you go far.

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