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Work. Dani‘s way

Marketing Specialist Service-IoT at Advantech in the Netherlands

“I can really be myself around them and I feel very comfortable working with my team.“

I am Dani and I work as a marketing specialist for Service-IoT. I work for events and product launches. I have been working here for two years. What I like most about my job is my marketing team. We’re a team of 5 ladies, some of my team members are located in Germany but that is not a problem for our work or teaming up on projects.

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“Development is a big part of our marketing team and the events we organize. We develop connections and relationships with our clients and partners. It is really something that Advantech cares about and focusses on as well. It not only about developing processes, but it’s also about maintaining a good relationship.”


“I have a nice relationship with my colleagues. There are lots of different cultures, different people. It’s so powerful to be connected with so many different people. I actually organized a few theme weeks to share different cuisines from different countries at Advantech. We had a Polish, an Asian and a Latin American week for example. It was really nice to see people eat foods from different cultures, to try new things. I brought Patacones, which is popular in Colombia and Venezuela. And we had Brazilian Pão de Queijo. Everyone loved them and loved to connect over food.”


“I feel more confident when it comes to speaking up for myself, when needed. Especially when I compare myself to the Dani that just started at Advantech. Advantech has given me the tools to really develop myself as a person and to learn ways to share how I feel without feeling uncomfortable. When it comes to my professional development, I can share that I’ve grown from a sales-based function to my current role as Marketing Specialist for Service-IoT. We write a growth plan with KPI’s every year and work towards our set goals as.”


“Innovation takes part of our day-to-day activities as the marketing environment is changing by the day. We must find creative ways to deal with changes to stay on top of new developments. From figuring out how things work to finding creative ways to apply the solutions for possible problems.”

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